this shit was written at like 2am (i ahve healthy sleep habits ;) dont judge it too harshly ya) the yorkite empire (assimilationists, want to bring the universe into an age of unity and homogeny) send generation ships to the tuque system (tuque was powerful when the ships were sent, but a massive war brought them back to the stone age. crippled population scavenges old technology. when they arrive, somoe areas of the system are about as advanced as ppl late 20th century and others are more like 1700s with sci fi guns) generation ships are massive and on skeleton crews, basically a war fleet with like 100 powerful wizard families. they send back a notice that theyve arrived, and the pan solar trade guild (all of the best teleportation wizards join. they hold near monopoly on trade due to their fine honed teleportation skills and extensive network) send the soldiers to man the fleet. once other nations realize whats happening they start frantically teleporting ships over (teleporting a full ship is expensive, hence the generation ships. teleportation is easier with a recieving wizard, hence the wizards on board), they want to be the first pan solar empire. most can only send a few battle ships but they join together to fight the full yorkite fleet. early fighting cripples both fleets, and everyone is desperate to send more men. a few years into the war, an enterprizing young wizard invents enchanting. he works out how to put spells into physical form, and a magical revolution happens. teleportation stones are mass produced and fixed to new ship models, which can teleport across systems. tech is invented in the polom system, and they immediately uniify to protect the technology (most systems are not unified, ones that are, like the yorkites, are galactic superpowers. most systems do house a sort of council though, sort of like the UN, which allows them to function as one for intersolar issues) people notice whats up immediately and start scavenging the stones from dropped ships, they get reverse engineered, and the scale of the war ramps up. the yorkites see opportunity here, and promise the trade guild that they will ban teleportation stones if they win the war. trade guild falls under yorkite control, as they want to maintain monopoly and allows them to countinue devoting all effort to weapons, ship, and soldier production. yorkite fleet is no longer massive compared to other armies, but the alliance has already broken down into many smaller groups. everyone wants the land for themselves. the war is a massive stalemate between every large empire over a now worthless stretch of space. moons and planets are practically leveled and the native populations are incredibly xenophobic and hostile. tuques prove difficult to dislodge as they are largely nomadic and incredible fighters. theyre very decentralized though, and despite being thought of as one people, pre-war-society prejudices still run deep. they dont unify to fight back. they ride big birds and have some spaceships for travel, early ones though, like smaller modern earth ships. not so manueverable but fine for going planet to planet. they scavenge ships that fall and serve as basically highly skilled pirates, trying to win back their now broken homeland. they keep hope though, as their civiliztion originally sprung from the remains of a great war. tuque history doesnt remember it as a war, but instead it is told through creation stories. most center around the death of a god (usually named after a prewar city) dying, and its blood painting the sky red and its corpse bringing illness to those who wandered too near. the blood of these gods assified into man, and the different gods bloods gave birth to different civilizations. (the creation stories tell of cities being glassed and the survivors fleeing. the blood is both the fires that turned the skies red and the people of the city) the burnt out cities are now just fields of steel beams where no life grows, beleived by the tuque to be the corpses of their gods. most beleive that their god was slain by a greater being, ten'uat, who they beleive is responsible for the current war. gods are birthed by groups of people, and those peope are its lifeblood. perhaps they have started to form gods and drawn his wrath? most blame other peoples for worshipping their own gods instead of ten'uat, and therefore bringing about the apocalypse. the more powerful a stone is, the smaller it must be to remain stable. all magic gives off radiation, the more powerful magic is, the more of this radiation (called channing radiation) is given off. power stones are the most volatile and powerful, and when touched they unleash huge bursts of raw magic. this undoes everything it touches. ship cannons use these by suspending them in rings of gravity stones, which are much less powerful magic and must be huge to contain the power stones. planet killers are possible, but ungodly expensive, and really not worth it because you want to have the planet for resource extraction later. glassing cities is totally done though. magic users are much more powerful than stones are, but much more expensive, so theyre a dying breed. guilds largely switched to stone production (other than the trade guild, who saw their monopoly breaking and joined the yorkites) so they find it hard to find work. theyre romanticised though, much like modern cowboys.

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